• 创纪录的一天

Endowment gifts to 莫米山谷乡村走读学校 are the best way to create your permanent legacy.
These invested funds bear your name or the name of someone you choose to honor and provide annual payouts in perpetuity for such purposes as financial aid, 奖学金, 还有教职工工资. These funds can be designated or unrestricted and grow with inflation and increase in value over time.

捐赠礼物为聘请最优秀的教师提供了资源, 建立和维护最先进的设施, and offer a range of other educational advantages that give the Maumee Valley experience its distinctive edge. 最终, gifts to Maumee Valley represent not only support of the school's mission but also belief in our collective future—one in which our talented students and alumni continue contributing to the world's well-being.

Our staff welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and your advisors to discuss your philanthropic goals. 所有的讨论都是保密的,没有任何义务.



  • 阿什利外国研究 & 旅游奖

    This award supports one or more students and/or faculty traveling to a foreign country for Intensive or other academic purposes. The recipient is selected by the Intensive committee and Business Office by October each year.
  • 婴儿洛丽塔·泰勒奖学金

    这项奖学金是为有经济困难的学生设立的. 接受者必须证明经济需要,并提供学术目标的声明, 梦想, 和愿望. 优先考虑来自单亲家庭的学生.
  • 卡迪根发展基金

    A fund used at the discretion of the Head of School to supplement his/her advancement efforts. "Advancement efforts" is defined loosely as those activities which relate to recruiting students, 钱, 或对mvcd的善意.
  • 科琳·西伯格纪念奖学金

    This scholarship is in memory of Colleen Sieberg who was an integral part of the Maumee Valley community for 40 years. From writing and orchestrating countless concerts and productions to cheering on our athletes from the sidelines, 科琳鼓励孩子们找到并拥抱他们的激情. Colleen loved teaching, loved her students, and left her mark on Maumee Valley in so many ways. 

    The purpose of this scholarship is to attract an individual in financial need with musical talent who could contribute to and grow from the music programs in place at MVCDS, 优先考虑弦乐合奏.
  • 达亚尔学术卓越中心

    This fund was created to support the 达亚尔学术卓越中心 at MVCDS by providing support for 中间 and Upper School students to help them reach their academic and personal potential.
  • 多萝西·贾巴琳奖学金

    这项奖学金授予长期服务数学和技术教师. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming student with an interest in math or science with financial need.
  • 《mg冰球突破试玩网站》(沃尔夫家族基金会)

    EE Ford Foundation/Mahaffey
    This grant is awarded annually to enable staff/faculty who have been at MVCDS at least five years to apply for a culturally enriching journey. Eligible staff/faculty prepare a proposal describing their "dream" for the committee to review and choose the awardees. 委员会由先进性小组的一名成员组成, 较低的, 中间, 和高中校长, 以及前一年的获奖者. 获奖者将在每年的MVCDS教职员工假期聚会上公布.
  • 伊利·查普曼基金会文艺复兴学生奖

    This is a merit award to a rising junior or senior at MVCDS who exemplifies extraordinary passion and accomplishment across a range of diverse fields, 包括艺术和社会正义, 以列奥纳多·达·芬奇的生活为模型. The purpose is to encourage and recognize multi-talented students who specialize in more than one field of study.
  • 乔治亚·威尔斯学校主席

    This Chair was established in recognition of Georgia's outstanding and continuous leadership over several decades at MVCDS. 乔治亚·威尔斯于1974年同时担任校长, 担任校董会主席(1973-1976), 自1976年以来,他一直是捐赠委员会的成员. 该基金的收入被指定用于资助校长的领导作用.
  • 休伯特·罗德尼·博尔顿1971年纪念奖学金基金

    向MVCDS的校友致敬, 罗德尼Boldon, this scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming or current Freshman of financial need with academic potential who best exemplifies Rod's quality of leadership in school activities. 该委员会由奖学金委员会主席组成, 招生主任, 学生会主席, 教师代表, 和校长. 该奖学金在毕业前的年度高中颁奖典礼上颁发.
  • 詹姆斯米. 里德社区mg冰球突破试玩

    This renewable scholarship supports an incoming 中间 or Upper School student who is a minority of financial need.
  • 珍妮·莱茵弗兰克·巴托尔德1957年奖学金

    这项可续期奖学金支持对英语感兴趣的新生, of financial need; Upper School student preferred.
  • 乔纳森·克鲁格(Jonathan Krueger) 12年冬季奖学金

    This scholarship was established in memory of Jonathan Krueger '12 to be awarded to Upper School students to explore their passions, 希望, 和梦通过他们的强化体验.
  • 卡巴扎戏剧椅

    这个基金是为了纪念罗纳德. 卡帕扎克,1971-1974年MVCDS的受托人,以支持MVCDS的戏剧和戏剧项目.
  • Kaye Louise Salverda奖学金

    This scholarship supports an incoming Upper School student who demonstrates leadership skills, 是否在为更大的社区服务, 并为mg冰球突破试玩的活力做出了贡献.
  • 迈克尔·多尔蒂奖学金基金

    一座纪念迈克尔·多尔蒂的纪念碑,他是一名七年级学生,死于1980年. A merit scholarship awarded to a member of the 8th-grade class who exhibits "qualities that relate to persistence, 热爱户外活动, 和无声的力量.没有先决条件. 校长委员会, 低年级校长, 先进集团员工, and discussed with Doherty family before the announcement and given at 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony at the end of the school year.
  • 小保罗·布洛克. 化学讲座

    这个基金是为了纪念小保罗·布洛克而设立的. 因为他对化学的兴趣和工作. 这个基金支持高中的科学工作.
  • 理查德·努祖姆纪念奖学金

    This will be an endowed fund that provides annual income toward the tuition of a junior or senior who possesses the qualities of character 和奖学金 that were so important to Coach Nuzum. 包括领导力, 承诺, 问责制, 强烈的职业道德, 毅力, 信心, 和奖学金.
  • 罗伯特T. Sullwold奖

    This renewable award is restricted to an Incoming student from a primary or secondary Toledo Public School who demonstrates financial need.
  • 斯米德女子学校奖学金

  • 桑尼和莱拉·阿里斯奖学金

    This renewable merit scholarship is directed to an Upper School student; with an interest in math and science of financial need. 平均成绩不低于3分.3 .必须保养更新.
  • 斯特拉纳汉奖学基金

    该基金为一年级至六年级的学生提供经济援助. Scholarships are based on need and automatically renewed through 6th grade as long as the student remains in good standing.
  • 弗吉尼亚西科·斯特拉纳汉人文学科教授

    该职位每三年颁发一次给人文学科教员. 该基金为受助人提供下列福利之一.) Leave at full pay and benefits for a Sept-Dec or Feb-小君e period in 2nd or 3rd year of tenure, $5,000年津贴, cost of the substitute teacher paid by the School; estimated max. 1万美元的费用,或者b.)津贴$7,500 for up to 3 summers of special projects; eligible only in the second summer after selection.
  • 威利斯斯托克纪念奖学基金

    这项奖学金是为了纪念威利斯·斯托克,他是MVCDS学院1938年至1955年的校长. 它是由纪念他的礼物资助的. 它为支持种族和民族多样性提供财政援助.
mg冰球突破试玩是唯一一所经过prek -12年级认证的学校, 男女合校, 以及俄亥俄州西北部和密歇根州东南部的独立学校.